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Dear Domineers,

I have been working in this market for over 10 years with a focus on short, liquid domain names.  Today I would like to share a couple of the most fascinating things that happened to me during my activity as a domain trader.

As you know the price points of short, liquid domains has increased over the past few years and in certain cases they have increased quite dramatically, especially with the rise of aggressive Chinese investment.

As such, the opportunities for domain flipping has been quite high.  If you invested in CHIPs in early 2015 you will know what I am talking about.  This is why I decided to create a domain name brokerage the specifies in these short domain names.

The fact is, I have flipped many domain names in this period, especially to Chinese buyers.  These transactions often include a jump rate of 2K to 5K within a short period of time.

Right after the Chinese New Year in 2015 when the market saw an incredible increase in the opportunity was huge.  Around this time I was offered the opportunity to purchase for $13K USD.  Knowing the Chinese market I immediately accepted the offer and purchased the name through  At the same time I was having a conversation with a Chinese buyer regarding CHIPs  so I offered the name for $31K USD.  The buyer immediately accepted my offer and within a matter of minutes I made $18K USD, just for having two conversations over Skype.  Needless to say I was extremely happy.  Now, I could’ve held onto the name and today would have been able to sell it for $60K or more but there is something to say about making that kind of money on one trade in one day!

That was the easiest and best deal that I have made to date.If you think that was a great deal well here is another story that still has my head spinning.

In October of 2014 a dear friend of mine in the domain industry offered to sell me for $20K.  I ultimately talked him down to $16K and finalized the deal.  One week later I awoke to a slew of emails asking to purchase  They were offers ranging from $20K to $40K USD.  I thought “Wow, what luck, I just got this name”.  Since I had a few buyers I told them that a lot of people were interested in the name and the offers skyrocketed.

Within two weeks time of me purchasing the name I sold it for $90K USD for an amazing $74K profit.  Of course less than a week later I found out that sold for $459K.  Just imagine, if I would have held out for one week longer… Oh well, I still got a great deal out of it and can’t complain about a highly successful domain flip.

I love this market and I love domain names!

Andrea Sabatini

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Andrea Sabatini

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I was always passionate about how people do online search to get what they need. I had the great opportunity to work for two major key players in the online travel business specifically on the affiliate marketing segment. Having to deal very day with many websites owner offered me the opportunity to move into the domain market place 10 years ago. Since then I have started to trade names online and I still love doing it. Only few years later it became very clear to me the incredible value of liquid assets such 3 letters and numbers and I decided to focus my attention specifically on this segment. Based on this consolidated experience on domain trading, by the end of 2014 I have decided to set the brokerage company specialised only on short liquid names, I enjoy dealing with names online and very grateful to be part of a sensational team.

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