Sell your name through QLQ for only 8% commission

Sell your name through QLQ for only 8% commission

As a domain reseller you have a variety of options when it comes to reselling your domain assets.  You can use an auction platform, a broker or sell yourself.  Each option comes with it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

If you sell your asset on an auction platform, you have the advantage of your name being public and being seen by many buyers.  The bidding process pits buyers against each other and in theory, you get the highest price that someone is willing to offer.  The disadvantage is that you have to pay auction platforms big percentages of your payout (in most cases around 15% of the total sale).  Additionally, if your name does not sell then there is a public record of how much the highest bidder was willing to pay for your name putting a price on your asset and making it harder to get better value when you try to sell your name again.

If you use a broker you have the advantage of choosing whether your sale/purchase is public.  You can also negotiate the commission you pay with your broker.  When buyers are bidding, they don’t know what their competitors are paying so you can often receive even better offers.  A broker does all of the marketing and negotiating for you, freeing up your time to live your life.

To highlight that you can get better value in a brokerage sale I will give you a few examples of what we have done at QLQ.  At a time when’s were being sold for around $550K on aftermarket auction sites, we helped one of our clients sell for $615K.  In march, when CHIPs were selling for a maximum of $50K on aftermarket auction sites, we sold for $56K.

If you sell yourself you don’t have to pay commission but you have to do all of the marketing yourself so your reach tends to be very limited.  It is hard to know if there is a higher bidder out there before you sell.

So if you can get more return, spend less in commissions and free up your precious time, why wouldn’t you chose a broker that you can trust?  Reach out to us at and we will help you get the most out of your assets.

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Jason McArdle is a highly successful businessman, from owning his own real estate business to being a multi-million dollar producer for AT&T to now being a well known domain broker and trader, he has well over a decade of success across multiple markets. He is now dedicated full time to his post as President of Sales at QLQ, designing winning sales strategies in today’s domain marketplace by taking a consultative approach to brokering. He believes that an educated investor is a good business partner, therefore taking time to write about the domain market and educate those in the market, he believes, is paramount to his company’s success.

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