What is the difference between an End User and an Investor?

End User’s are people or companies that want to purchase a domain name for a specific use such as develop a website using that domain. End User’s tend to pay higher prices for domain names because they have very specific wants and needs. End User’s are hard to find because of this and many people that are holding onto domain names in hopes of finding the perfect End User tend to be disappointed when they just don’t exist for that particular domain name.
Investor’s or domainer’s can be engaging in domain trading for a wide range of reasons. Some of them buy a domain thinking they are going to us it and end up realizing that it is more valuable as an asset. Some people see domain names as virtual real estate, with a limited amount of property (domain assets) on the market the expectation is that the value of that property will continue to raise. Some investor’s buy up all of the names of a particular type and corner the market forcing prices up. Investor’s are easy to find and a very active in the marketplace but they will only pay fair market value for domain names unlike the hard to find End User’s. When you hear that a domain name that is similar to yours sold to an End User for $100K you naturally think “my name should be worth that much too” but it typically isn’t.
For example: If EMG.com sold for $100K to a company called Emerging Markets Group that doesn’t mean that your name EMJ.com will sell for $100K because there may not be another company out there with a specialized need for your domain.
All of this being said, QLQ targets and markets to End User’s and Investors in different ways.

What is a short, liquid domain name?

We define a short, liquid domain name to be the following: LL.com, LLL.com,LLLL.com (L standing for letter), NN.com, NNN.com, NNNN.com, NNNNN.com (N standing for number), or different combinations such as LN.com, NL.com, LLN.com, LNL.com, NNL.com and so on. Each of these types of names have different subcategories for example a popular subcategory of LLLL.com is CVCV.com (C stands for consonant, V stands for vowel).
We at QLQ believe that these types of names will, like the stock market, always rise over time because there is a finite amount of these types of names unlike just about any other types of domain names out there. The default TLD (Top Level Domain) will always be .com. When people think about URL’s they always think .com. This is why we don’t put focus into other fad TLD’s as they are a dime a dozen.
As for only going up to 4 letters or 5 numbers this is due to a finite number of assets available on the market (only a limited amount of combinations).
LL.com – 676 total available
LLL.com – 17,576 total available
LLLL.com – 456,976 total available
NN.com – 100 total available
NNN.com – 1,000 total available
NNNN.com – 10,000 total available
NNNNN.com – 100,000 total available
When you reach LLLLL.com there are 11,881,376 available, when you reach NNNNNN.com there are 1,000,000 available. While there are a finite amount of these types of names, there is nowhere near the amount of scarcity to make them of much value at this time. One day these types of names may fall into the category of short, liquid domain names but currently they do not. There are some exceptions to this rule and they fall under the emerging markets category.
For a deeper understanding please see our related articles about these topics and more.

What does QLQ do for me to help me sell my domain name?

Outside of your dedicated account manager being a consultative partner, QLQ has a process to reach a multitude of prospective buyers for your domain name.
First, we utilize the power of our platform. The QLQ brand is known to those in the industry as a place to go to for short, liquid domain names and therefore the website attracts specific buyers.
Second, we have a robust newsletter program that takes both a broad approach as well as a targeted approach to reach buyers that would have specific interest in purchasing your domain name.
Third, each dedicated account manager has a client base that they work with exclusively. Because there is a personal touch, they know which of their clients are looking for which types of names and they reach out to those buyers directly via phone, skype or email. Your dedicated account manager also works closely with all of the other members in the QLQ team, informing them about your domain and telling them to reach out to their buyers directly.
Fourth, using social media such as Facebook or Twitter we reach an enormous amount of potential buyers. Fifth, we utilize services such as LinkedIn Premium, Estibot, DomainTools, etc to target and market to potential End Users.
Lastly, we partner with aftermarket auction sites such as NameJet to bring more exposure to your domain name.
These approaches are all optional, you and your dedicated account manager will have a consultation and determine which type of marketing plan fits best for you and your domain asset.