Chinese Investment & the .net CHIPs Segment

Chinese Investment & the .net CHIPs Segment

I am reading a lot of blogs and posts about the fear of the domain market crashing in China.  Don’t believe the hype.  We at QLQ have many contacts in China that we speak with every day and they are saying that the slow down in the market is due to the upcoming Chinese New Year and nothing more.  Many people have targeted the February 8th date as the day that the market should rebound yet we at QLQ understand that the celebrations don’t end in China until February 15th.  So expect the rebound to come roughly 2 weeks after what you are hearing from most domain speculators.

There have been many people predicting the demise of .com even going so far as to say that .com may be banned by the Chinese government.  Trust me, this is not the case.  The .com TLD is firmly established in China and will continue to be the premiere TLD moving forward.  Of course there are a lot of people that have vested interest in trying to drive up the price of other TLD’s so use your awareness and past indicators when looking towards the future.

What we have seen is a big shift moving to the .net market.  3L .net’s and especially 4L .net’s are poised to make a big jump in the early part of 2016.  The same buyers that were purchasing all of the 4L .com CHIPs in late summer are buying up all of the 4L .net CHIPs.  This buying trend lead to the unprecedented value increase of CHIPs in the .com segment and we expect something similar in 2016 for .nets.  Don’t be surprised if by early summer you are seeing 3L .net CHIPs breaking the $10K mark and 4L .net CHIPs breaking the $1K mark.  In the last couple of weeks we have seen the average sale price of 4L .net CHIPs jump almost $100.  You can still get in on the early rush so I am recommending everyone to buy and buy now.

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Jason McArdle is a highly successful businessman, from owning his own real estate business to being a multi-million dollar producer for AT&T to now being a well known domain broker and trader, he has well over a decade of success across multiple markets. He is now dedicated full time to his post as President of Sales at QLQ, designing winning sales strategies in today’s domain marketplace by taking a consultative approach to brokering. He believes that an educated investor is a good business partner, therefore taking time to write about the domain market and educate those in the market, he believes, is paramount to his company’s success.

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