Dear Domain Investors, After a few months of the domain investor market pulling back and then stabilizing we are beginning to see more movement on the buyer side. Investment domains have reached a point where they have been a bit undervalued for a time and the smart buyers are getting in while the getting is [...]

Hello QLQer's, It has been a slow couple of months and we have seen lots of people predicting the demise of the domain market. Don’t listen to the negative talk out there, the market is coming back. Every year at this time we see a slow down due to the festivities in China but it [...]

Dear Domain Investors, It has been a couple of slow weeks but we are poised for a big rebound in the domain market with the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations, which will be by the end of this week. As such, we wanted to send you this newsletter to share what we are [...]

Happy New Year Investors, 2015 was an incredible year! We opened our doors in mid-March and to date have helped our clients make over $3 Million USD, not too bad for a startup company operating in a niche space in the domain world. We have relaunched our new website, launched a very successful newsletter, have [...]

Hey Investors, I won’t bore you with any text. We have some great names for sale right now and we want to let you know. HOT DEALS: 3L .com, non premium - $30K - $31K - $32K - $33K 3L .com, Premium - $65K - $69K - $69K [...]

Welcome to our new newsletter! We at QLQ are constantly improving our ways of working so we can always provide the best service possible for you. We recently gave our webpage a huge makeover, making it more efficient and stylish. If you have not seen it already visit Now we also updated the design [...]

Dear Valued Investor, Wow, what a month! We have seen unprecedented growth in the 4L .com sector. With the Chinese premiums hitting a high prepare for the non-premium 4L .com category to follow. Right now non-premium 4L .com are trading at roughly 10% of the value as premium 4L .com, you can expect the market [...]

Hello Friend of QLQ, We are sending out this quick newsletter to inform you that there is a phishing scam that is plaguing domain investors who currently have short, liquid domain names registered at If you receive an email from, delete the email immediately and absolutely do not click on the link inside [...]

Hey Domain Investors, QLQ has had another big month helping link sellers and buyers of short, liquid domain assets. Our commitment to do an honest job and be open with our customers is a big reason for our success. QLQ has partnered with and has become a Domain Venue in the organization’s short list [...]

Greetings! I hope you are having a wonderful day! If you have been paying attention to the domain market you know that the last few weeks have been incredibly active. We have seen LLL’s jump between 33-50% in value, especially those without an AEIOUV. We have also seen LL’s and NNN’s jump significantly. The short, [...]