Jason Mcardle

Hey Domainer’s, We all know how important it is to understand a market before we begin investing.  Today I wanted to provide you with some resources that will help you tremendously so that you can make an informed decision before you buy or sell domain names.  These resources have helped us at QLQ make some [...]

As a domain reseller you have a variety of options when it comes to reselling your domain assets.  You can use an auction platform, a broker or sell yourself.  Each option comes with it’s own advantages and disadvantages. If you sell your asset on an auction platform, you have the advantage of your name being [...]

Hello friends and fellow domainers, I wanted to write a follow-up piece to my 2016 trends article (see Bibliography #1 below) to discuss, in greater detail, the issue of the seeming rise in value of TLD’s that are not .com and the challenges that .com is currently having.  In order to understand what is going [...]

So we at QLQ were waiting to see what happened with the domain market after February 15th to get an understanding of the landscape and what to expect for 2016.  Well, we are already seeing some early trends and can make some reasonable predictions about what the domain landscape will look like for the upcoming [...]

I am reading a lot of blogs and posts about the fear of the domain market crashing in China.  Don’t believe the hype.  We at QLQ have many contacts in China that we speak with every day and they are saying that the slow down in the market is due to the upcoming Chinese New [...]

Every investor wants to get top dollar for their Domain Name yet oftentimes we just see a bunch of low ball offers, nothing substantial.  We look at sales sites like www.namebio.com and www.Chaomi.cc and see names similar to ours go for much more than the offers that we are seeing for our Domain Name.  We [...]

While common perception is that the domain gold rush is long over there are still many niches in which a savvy domain investor can make good money. We all know about the NN, NNN, NNNN, LL, LLL .com markets and the value that those names hold (if you would like more information about numeric names, [...]

Hey Investors, I hope you are enjoying the bountiful domain market. In the last month we have seen substantial growth in all of the short, liquid domain markets. 3L’s have gone up 33-50%, 4L’s have grown from 200-500%. Numeric domain assets are performing at all time highs with unprecedented growth across the board. So what [...]

So you have a great idea for a business and have come up with the perfect name. You go online to a domain registrar (Godaddy, eNom, Name.com, etc) only to find out that when you look for the name that you love so much, someone else already owns it. So what do you do? You need this domain [...]