Andrea Sabatini

Dear Domain investors and domain lovers, Trading names these days is not that easy.  Let’s be honest, the market, since December has been pretty quiet.  It has been not so fruitful as in the past especially when compared to the spike at the end of 2015. There are two schools of thought behind why we [...]

Dear Domineers, I have been working in this market for over 10 years with a focus on short, liquid domain names.  Today I would like to share a couple of the most fascinating things that happened to me during my activity as a domain trader. As you know the price points of short, liquid domains [...]

One of the first steps for domain investors when they choose to join this crazy and exciting market is to determine which host provider they should use to register their domain name/s. When I first started, I had no clue how to register a domain name and like most people I went to Google to figure out how. [...]

As someone who trades in and develops domain names you may have come across some unfortunate requests from companies who lay claim to a domain name that you own because it resembles a brand or trademark that they own. This happens rather often to domain investors with large portfolios. Most domain investors don’t purchase domain [...]