Alert, eNom phishing scam targeting owners of short, liquid domain names

Hello Friend of QLQ,

We are sending out this quick newsletter to inform you that there is a phishing scam that is plaguing domain investors who currently have short, liquid domain names registered at If you receive an email from, delete the email immediately and absolutely do not click on the link inside of the email. The subject line of the phishing email reads as the following “Domain LLLL.COM Suspension Notice”. Again, if you receive this email please do not open it and report the issue to The good folks at eNom are working hard to resolve this issue and we have decided to help them spread the word as we don’t want to see any of our clients assets compromised.

For more information about the phishing scam you can go to

As a friendly reminder it is important to change your passwords regularly and don’t open up any suspicious emails. Have a great day!

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