About QLQ

As domain traders for many years we have interacted with many great folks in the domain marketplace. As a group we noticed that many of these people needed help in understanding the domain name market and their domain names in particular before making an informed decision as to whether it was a good time to buy or sell and what was fair market value. We found that what the market lacked was a consultative approach to brokering domain names.

QLQ decided to fill that gap by offering domain name brokerage services with a twist; we want our partners to fully grasp the domain marketplace and their specific opportunities.

Unlike or competitors we won’t list names that are unreasonably priced. We provide comprehensive market analysis and appraisals that will price your name to sell for top dollar in today’s market. We wanted to found an organization with an open, honest approach to domain sales and not fall into the category of another brokerage that promises you the sky and under delivers.

We only work with short liquid domain names. In all of our years in the domain business we feel confident that this sector of the market will continue to grow as it always has, we are staking our business on it.