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We specialize in short liquid domain names.

A dedicated team of professionals is waiting to help you buy, market and sell your domains.

Current Prices – Thursday 23.June.2016

CategoryLow PriceHigh Price (with AEIOUV)$500K USD$1.2M USD (no AEIOUV)$900K USD $1.25M USD (with AEIOUV)$20K USD$57K USD (no AEIOUV)$34K USD$64K USD (with AEIOUV)$240 USD$3K USD (no AEIOUV)$1.3K USD$5K USD (with 0,4)$1M USD$1.5M USD (no 0,4,8)$2M USD$2.5M USD (no 0,4/with 8)$3M USD$4M USD (with 0,4) $100K USD$121K USD (no 0,4,8)$450K USD$550K USD (no 0,4/with 8) $201K USD $900K USD (with 0,4) $13K USD $33K USD (no 0,4,8)$38K USD$42K USD (no 0,4/with 8)$45K USD$90K USD (CHIPS)$40K USD$60K USD (CHIPS)$1.8K USD$2.4K USD (CHIPS)$120 USD$140 USD
* CHIPS = Chinese Premium (No – A,E,O,U,I & V)
These numbers are based data taken from public sales in the West and in China combined with what is available on the market and the buying power that is currently in the market.
The “Sell” figures are what a seller can reasonably expect to pocket in a transaction in which they sell a name in that category.
⁠⁠⁠The “BUY” figures are what a buyer can reasonably expect to pay in a transaction in which they purchase a name in that category including brokerage and escrow fees.
These figures can and most likely will change rapidly so check the date of the post.
Our goal is to help our partners understand the In’s and Out’s of the marketplace and turn the average domainer into an educated investor.

Experience & Ethics

With more than 8 years of domain trading experience, we understand how traders think and what their needs are. It is important for us to conduct honest and fair trades.

Secure & Safe Transactions

All transactions made with QLQ are secure & safe as we are using Escrow and to make sure all sides are covered.

Great Communication

Our dedicated team of brokers is available 24/7 on email, Skype & phone.